Airline passengers fight over right to recline seats in viral video staff KABC logo
Monday, November 6, 2023
Video: Airline passengers fight over right to recline seats
A heated argument between passengers was caught on camera over the right to recline seats on a flight.

To recline or not?

While airline seats are designed to lean back for passengers' comfort, it's usually a less-than-optimal experience for the person who gets the back of a chair cramping their space.

One passenger on a recent flight asserted her right to recline in a heated argument caught on video that went viral.

"I'm allowed to put my seat back," the woman angrily declares multiple times.

The argument triggered an age-old debate on social media, with some saying it's important to be respectful to the passenger behind you - but others saying if the seats weren't meant to be reclined, the airlines wouldn't have designed them that way.