All + None makes Gender-Neutral, size inclusive active apparel for every body

ByAmanda Brady Localish logo
Friday, September 16, 2022
All + None creates Gender-Neutral active apparel for every body
Creator Anna Claire Loper wanted to create activewear that was fashion-forward and functional but doesn't conform to gender binaries. Mission Accomplished!

PHILADELPHIA -- After working in fitness for most of their life, Anna Clarie Loper was tired of the lack of gender fluidity in clothing -- so she created All + None.

"Most activewear companies, like most clothing companies, sell in a gender binary fitness (that) is kind of out of touch" says Loper.

Loper, who uses she/they pronouns, is hoping to change that with All + None.

It's a queer-owned company designing activewear that is gender-neutral and size-inclusive.

Loper says, "My demographic, which is queer, millennials and younger who I think are increasingly not shopping in a binary way, believe fashion and clothing doesn't have a gender."

There are four capsule pieces in the collection: a bodysuit, boxing short, muscle tee, and the Goddex, which is an extended tank top that has slits up the side for a dramatic effect.

To check out the line or order a piece, visit