Sweet sensation: Allie Chernick's banana bread is so good, it sells out in minutes

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Friday, August 20, 2021
Sweet sensation: Her banana bread is so good, it sells out in minutes
SWEET SENSATION! Her banana bread is so good, it sells out in minutes. Meet Allie Chernick, who has cooked up a popular online business based on her grandma's secret recipe.

NEW YORK, NY -- Long before the popularity of banana bread skyrocketed during quarantine, Allie Chernick has been delighting family and friends with her special, top-secret recipe.

The now-established Queen of Banana Bread is taking social media by storm with her over-the-top loaves, which can now be tasted all across the country.

"It's my grandma's recipe and it kind of just started out as a hobby because my friends were really obsessed with it and it then turned into my career," said Allie Chernick, owner and founder of Allie's Banana Bread.

The bread, which Allie would bake for housewarming parties and family gatherings, has now been enjoyed by celebrities like Lizzo, Alan Cumming, and Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski, among many others.

Chernick's menu options include the triple chocolate ABB loaf, the Oreo ABB loaf, the chocolate chip ABB loaf, as well as her traditional and plain ABB loaf.

You have to move quick if you want to sample them yourself. Her creations sell out in minutes and are available for purchase on drop days, which she announces on her site.

In addition to her signature baked goods, Chernick offers seasonal options that include a Cinnamon Toast Crunch and pumpkin spice banana bread.

Chernick, who has captivated her Instagram followers with her banana bread pictures, hopes to open her own brick-and-mortar banana bread shop.

"As a former art student who hasn't taken a business class ever, I am very proud of myself. It's the best banana bread you'll ever have, so you should try it," said Chernick.


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