Alligator strolls across golf course carrying big fish in mouth

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Monday, March 6, 2017
Alligator caught walking across golf course with big fish in mouth
An alligator was seen carrying a big fish in its mouth on a Florida golf course.

TRINITY, Florida -- Most of us have seen our fair share of videos showing an alligator taking a stroll on a golf course, whether it's here in the Houston area or in Florida where it's a more usual occurrence.

But a recent alligator sighting in Trinity, Florida had one woman in shock.

Norma Respess was entertaining family in from North Carolina at the Seven Springs Golf and Country Club Thursday when she spotted a gator walking across the grass. But that's not the shocking part of the the sighting.

Apparently, it was lunch time for the gator. It was carrying a big fish in its mouth as it was passing by.

"That's amazing. I've never seen that before," Respess said.

Respess' sister, Phyllis, was on the 10th hole when they noticed the gator. Phyllis took cover in a bunker when her husband Nolan shouted, "Look behind you. Look behind you."

Respass took the opportunity to capture the rare sighting that has since gone viral.

"What a sight. He's holding on to that fish," Respass said. "I don't want to get near you. I'm glad you got the fish."

It definitely made for an Only in Florida moment.