Man is first to conquer the Anaconda burrito

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

FRESNO, California -- An Internet sensation, the Anaconda Burrito is becoming more than just a lunchtime hit.

The burrito is a 3-foot long, 5-and-a-half pound monster made at Taqueria Yareli's in the heart of Fresno, California.

Pablo Martinez, a competitive eater ranked 18th in the world with major league eating, decided to take on the burrito.

"Burritos are my specialty -- this will definitely be the longest burrito I've eaten," he said.

Edwin Espinoza, the burrito's creator, said many have tried and all have failed.

Normally the burrito is sliced and served to a family of four but for Martinez, only one piece on a platter will do. And to make things interesting, we decided to make this a speed run.

And after 13 minutes, Martinez became the first person to ever conquer the Anaconda.

"Mark my words, I won't be the last. There will be others who will come to do this."