'Andor' trailer explores origins of familiar 'Star Wars' heroes

ByScottie Andrew, CNN, CNNWire
Monday, August 1, 2022
'Star Wars' actor Diego Luna gives sneak peek at 'Andor'
"Star Wars" actor Diego Luna gave "GMA" an exclusive first look at "Andor," streaming Sept. 21 on Disney+.

A "Star Wars'' hero once said that rebellions are built on hope. The newest Disney+ series set in a galaxy far, far away explores the origins of that hero, whose sacrifices would eventually help the Rebel Alliance take down the evil Galactic Empire.

Diego Luna returns to the "Star Wars'' universe in "Andor," a prequel to "Rogue One," which was itself a prequel to "Episode IV: A New Hope." At this point in the series, though, the rebellion is but a glint in a young Cassian Andor's eye.

The newest trailer reveals a bit more about Andor's evolution from common thief to galactic martyr and teases what viewers can expect from cast members Stellan Skarsgrd, "Morbius" star Adria Arjona and Forest Whitaker, who reprises his role as the extremist Saw Gerrera.

When we re-meet Andor in the trailer, he has infiltrated the Empire (though it appears the Empire has first invaded his home planet), even donning a drab gray Imperial uniform.

"To steal from the Empire, you just walk in like you belong," Andor says in the trailer. "They can't imagine that someone like me would ever get inside their house."

A cloaked Skarsgrd appears and encourages Andor to "give it all to do something real" -- take down the Empire, perhaps? Whitaker, whose Gerrera has not yet been driven completely mad by loss and that slimy, mind-melting monster Bor Gullet, seems willing to go to war.

There are the requisite appearances of stormtroopers, TIE fighters and other menacing symbols of the Empire. We meet a ruthless officer of the Empire played by Denise Gough, watch Fiona Shaw's unknown character shed a tear and catch a glimpse of the lavish life of Mon Mothma (Genevieve O'Reilly), who, viewers know, will go on to lead a revolution.

Appearing on "Good Morning America" to introduce the new trailer, Luna told the hosts that his character starts his journey as a "regular guy" thrown into extraordinary circumstances, something viewers can relate to.

"It's the beginning of the origins of a revolution," Luna said on Monday. "It reminds us what we're capable of -- what we're all capable of."

The first three episodes of "Andor" start streaming on September 21 -- several weeks later than originally planned -- on Disney+.

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