4th-grade class in Alameda publishes 'Anti-Bias ABC's' about inclusion, acceptance

ByChris Bollini Localish logo
Tuesday, July 12, 2022
This 4th-grade class publishes a must-read book about acceptance
A 4th-grade class in Alameda publishes "Anti-Bias ABC's," a book about inclusion and acceptance.

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- Ryan Brazil, a 4th-grade teacher in Alameda, California, came up with an inspiring class project. Her class wrote, illustrated, and published a book, "Anti-Bias ABCs," to help readers be more accepting of people's differences.

"We talk a lot about social justice and racial justice so it just kind of fits with what we talk about on a daily basis in class," Brazil said. "People self-publish books all the time, why can't we? So, we did it."

In the book, each letter of the alphabet highlights keywords connected to social justice.

"A is for Anti-bias," student author Jada declares.

"B is for Be an ally," 4th grader Faith adds.

"C is for Colorblind," student Carter continues.

"One word for each letter," Brazil recalls, "We had a lot of discussions, a lot of really good, big discussions."

"Ms. Brazil has taken this opportunity to really just talk about love and inclusion and acceptance of everyone," Alameda Unified School District's Senior Director of Equity Shamar Edwards adds.

"It's really amazing that we did it," student Allison announces.

Brazil's 4th-grade class celebrated their accomplishment with a book reading and signing at Alamedas Books, Inc.

"We went to Books Inc. for our field trip and I read my letter out loud to a crowd, everybody did," student author Faith shares.

"It was good. It was great and happy," student Olivier declares.

The entire first run of the book sold out on the first day.

"I really recommend that you guys should get the book, I think it could teach you a lot about the "Anti-bias ABCs," 4th-grader Miles suggests.

"To reach people that are biased against other people or other things and help them to be anti-bias," author Yaoen states.

"I hope they learn that everyone belongs and you should feel like you belong in your community," student Allison adds.

"I hope that people feel inspired and know that advocacy and helping other people and standing up for other people can start at any age," Brazil says.