Woman raped, beaten in horrific attack in Jersey City

March 25, 2011 10:17:25 PM PDT
A vicious attack has neighbors on edge along Harrison Avenue in Jersey City.

A warning sign is up on one of the Harrison buildings to let people know the attacker is ruthless and showed his victim no mercy.

"I think a guy like that is a coward. He's sick and needs to pay for what he's done," Rhodesia Conyers said.

The attacker rode a bicycle up to a thirty-four year old woman who was walking home around midnight on Thursday in Jersey City.

Investigators said he asked her for some money. When the woman told the man she did not have any, he grabbed her, put her in a chokehold and dragged her into an alley where he raped her for an extensive amount of time.

He did not stop there, though. Police say after raping her, he beat her in a particularly brutal way as well.

Even though the attacker has not been caught yet, there are several surveillance cameras in the area. One of those cameras is right over the door of the alley where the rape occurred. With these cameras, police have some much-needed help in their search for the attacker.

The cameras also show that the victim endured a terrifying thirty-five minute rape and horrific beating.

In all of the terror that the victim went through, she was still able to give police a very vivid description of the rapist.

The victim identified her attacker as a 5'7 black man who rode a BMX style bike.

Jersey City resident Rolonda Terry is very concerned with what happened in her neighborhood.

"It's ridiculous. You can't feel safe in your own neighborhood," Terry said. "I was scared. I go to work at four in the morning sometimes so I was really scared."

Terry is not the only woman who is very concerned about this incident. In fact, most women in the area are obviously shaken up over the attack. Police now have a visible presence there.

There are also other steps being taken in that neighborhood, while the rapist remains on the loose. The building management where the attack happened is installing a better security system. Another camera in the tunnel will also be installed.

However, many residents feel it is too little too late for the victim who was already attacked. They feel that the damage is done and many of her injuries will last a lifetime.

The women of Jersey City have nothing but anger for the heartless attacker. One resident called the incident disgusting and hopes the attacker goes to hell.

With the major impact this attack has had on the residents of Jersey City, the main hope is that the attacker is caught soon.

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