Reality TV star says she was ripped off by luxury car dealership

RAMSEY, NJ (WABC) -- The lone salesman left at Emporio Motor Group would only say this when we showed up. "These are all customers trying to get their cars right now."

Just half a dozen exotic vehicles remained at the luxury car dealer on Route 17 in Ramsey, New Jersey.

A far cry from the showroom depicted in company commercials, packed with Bentleys, Benzes, Ferraris and Lamborghinis. The owner, Bobby Khan posed with stars of the Jersey Shore TV show at his grand opening and featured on CNN selling a supercar he boasted was worth $1.8 million.

Far from the celebrity is Mike DiStefano, a 24 year old mechanic. He's one of the customers trying to get answers from Bobby Khan and find the car he traded-in to Emporio Motor Group last July.

Mike says it was sold after being shown on Emporios's website, only problem Mike still owns it.

"They were supposed to pay off my $16,000 dollar loan," says Mike.

But DeStefano says Emporio never paid a dime. Making matters worse he never got the title for the Harley Superglide he bought in the deal.

DeStefano found dozens of complaints about the dealership online.

"He's a smooth operator, all flash and no cash." This customer, who is actually a reality TV star says she was rooked by Emporio Motor Group too. "I don't want or need the money, its about justice for all here and i have to help these people," she said.

The reality show star says she found out the car she consigned to Emporio Motor Group was sold to someone in Florida. Yet she never got paid in full and they never got her title. "I don't know how he's getting away with it."

When we went looking for answers, we were not alone. The Ramsey PD showed up along with customers looking for deposits. Some say they were told to come get their cars, but they don't know where their cars are.

We have now learned the state of New Jersey has suspended Emporio's license to operate. Both Emporio's owner and it's attorney had "no comment" to any of our questions.
Every unhappy customer told us they've been talking to the Bergen County Prosecutor's office, which at this time would not confirm or deny an investigation into emporio motor group. Customers who think they've been ripped off, should contact the Bergen County prosecutors office or the Division of Consumer Affairs.

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