Three generations of the same family born on the same day

Teegan, her mom, Valerie Weber, and her grandmother, Wanda Scherr, all share the same birthday of Oct. 23.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2023
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For her 34th birthday this year, a North Dakota mother received a big surprise: the arrival of her fourth child.

Valerie Weber gave birth to baby Teegan on Oct. 23, which not only happened to be her birthday but also her 71-year-old mother Wanda Scherr's birthday.

"I figured it could have been a possibility," Weber told "Good Morning America" of her daughter being born on the same day as her and her mom's birthdays. "But it was kind of surreal because it didn't feel like my birthday that day."

Teegan, her mom, Valerie Weber, and her grandmother, Wanda Scherr, all share the same birthday of Oct. 23.
Valerie Weber

Scherr said she was also "very surprised" at Teegan's unexpected arrival, as her due date wasn't until Oct. 29.

"[Valerie] wasn't feeling very well on Sunday, the day before, and I said, 'You know, maybe I better come down just in case and stay overnight. And if you have to go to the hospital in the middle of the night, I'm there and you guys can take off right away,'" Scherr recalled. "So, I woke up that morning and they were gone. It's like, 'Oh my.' I was very surprised."

Adding to the uncanny similarities is the fact that Teegan is the fourth child for Weber, who is also the fourth daughter in her family.

Wanda Scherr calls Teegan and her arrival "a blessing."
Valerie Weber

Grandma, mom and daughter were also each born around the same time of the day.

"I was born in the evening on Oct. 23. Valerie was born on the evening of Oct. 23, and so was Teegan, and so that's pretty special," Scherr said.

Teegan now also shares the same middle name as Scherr -- Jean -- according to Weber.

"And then her dad's first name is Eugene and people would call him Gene. So she is named after my mom and my grandpa," Weber explained.

"She is such a blessing to be born on our birthdays, to share our birthdays and to have my dad's name, [which] is her middle name and my middle name," Scherr added.

Over the years, Scherr and Weber would celebrate their shared birthday together.
Valerie Weber

Over the years, the mother-daughter duo have celebrated their shared birthday together. Now, they're looking forward to celebrating with Teegan as well.

"We always do something, and if it's not on the day of our birthday, it's always somewhere close around our birthday," Weber said.

"That's probably not our birthday anymore. It's probably just [Teegan's] birthday at this point," the mom of four added.

Three-week-old Teegan is now back home with mom, grandma and the rest of the family, including dad Bryce and her three older siblings, sisters Jada, 7, and Hailey, 5, and 2-year-old brother Walker.

"She's doing really good. We're getting in a routine as well as we can," Weber said.

Teegan is the fourth child for Valerie Weber and her husband Bryce.
Valerie Weber