Balloon mysteriously embraces grieving mother of deceased child during wake

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Balloon floats from coffin towards crying mom at her son's wake

ALBAY, Phillipines -- A family believes a dead little boy found a way to comfort his grieving mother one last time.

Joy Ganda Vibar-Alamares, from The Philippines, posted this video on Facebook from the wake of the 7-year-old son Treb.

During the wake, you can see a white balloon floats from Treb's coffin toward Joy. She embraces the balloon and continues to cry.

The family say they believe the balloon was being moved by Treb's spirit. His aunt posted a second video of the event. She believes it was Treb's way of comforting his mom from the grave.

The video has gone viral. However, most people disagree with the family. Several people have commented on the video and say the balloon is simply floating around the room.

Whatever you may believe, the family says they now feel more at peace after the touching moment during the wake.