21 best gifts for teens, from Apple Airpods to cute viral products

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Tuesday, December 5, 2023
AirPods, Steve Madden, Cariuma shoes, phone case
These are the best gifts for teens

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Teenage years are transformational. You change your clothes, your hairstyles and especially your tastes, making your parents think just a bit harder about your Christmas presents. Luckily, this gift guide will excite both younger and older teenagers, with products ranging from cool tech and bestselling wearables to viral items and cute decorations. Be sure to also check out our gift guide for men and women for your essential shopping this holiday season.

Best gifts for older teenagers

23% off

Apple Airpods 2nd Generation

Apple Airpods 2nd Gen needs no introduction, but they are on sale for 23% off. Get a pair for the teens in your house so that they can rock out to Taylor Swift.
  • $99
  • $129
    19% off

    Xbox Series S + 2 Controllers

    The Xbox Series S is the best value gaming console with its small, minimalist design, blending perfectly into the background yet still packing a powerful image processor and next to no noise.
    • $289.99
    • $359.99

      Cariuma Shoes

      The viral, sustainable shoes worn by all of your favorite celebrities, Cariuma's Black Canvas shoes provide a chic, comfortable fit for teenagers and adults alike.
      • $89

        Apotheke Diffuser and Candle

        The folks at Apotheke have many reed diffusers and scented candles for you to browse through, keeping the teens' rooms smelling fresh and clean.
        • $64

          Steve Madden Alexandra Jacket

          Steve Madden's Alexandra jacket is a fan-favorite amongst high schoolers, with its grown-up fit and slick design giving the wearer a fashionable edge in school. If you want your older teenager to stand out, this is the jacket for them.
          • $89

            Saatva Latex Pillow

            Teenagers always pay attention to their posture, so make sure they can do that even in their sleep. This Saatva creation is plush and perfect for back and stomach sleepers. 
            • $165
              24% off

              Philips Norelco Shaver

              Make sure your male teenagers are clean-shaven for school photos with Philips' best-selling Norelco Shaver.
              • $67.47
              • $89.96

                Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

                The teenage years are when you start to have personal items: your first credit card, your first phone or your first car keys. The Everywhere Belt Bag will hold and fit everywhere, either comfortably on your waist or in your first car's glove box.
                • $38 to $48
                  50% off

                  LED strip lights

                  An absolute essential for any teenager, LED strip lights are aesthetic statements that give their rooms and desk set-ups a true personality. Plus, these can be music-synced.
                  • $14.99
                  • $29.99

                    Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

                    A beginners' tarot deck can be a fun distraction for those anxious teenage years.
                    • $19.76
                      25% off

                      MAC Cosmetics Merry Must-have Set

                      MAC Cosmetics will always be iconic, so the Merry Must-have Set, including MAC lipstick, eyeshadow, setting spray, mascara and serumizer, would be the perfect beginners' guide to make-up for teenagers.
                      • $44.25
                      • $59
                        6% off

                        Anker Power Bank

                        The worst thing to happen to a teenager is your phone running out of batteries in the middle of a school day. Get this Black Friday bestselling product to get fully charged through the day.
                        • $29.99
                        • $31.99
                          13% off

                          Fujifilm Instax

                          Fujifilm's bestselling Instax is back with a slick chrome design, and all the more relevant as teenagers become more enthusiastic about physical photos and media.
                          • $99.99
                          • $115.67
                            20% off

                            Tech Cleaning Kit

                            You're going to buy the teens in your life a lot of expensive tech. Make sure they last with this amazing cleaning kit.
                            • $13.58
                            • $16.98

                              Best gifts for younger teenagers


                              Casetify Festive Phone Cases

                              Olivia Rodrigo's favorite phone case brand, Casetify is a teenage years staple, with many edgy and branded phone case designs that will protect and beautify your teenagers' phones. Their festive offerings are on show now!
                              • $65
                                16% off

                                Unisex Crocs

                                Teens love all things convenient, and what can be more convenient to put on than a pair of Crocs? The bestselling navy-red colorway is my personal pick, but browse through Crocs' store for your favorites.
                                • $24.99
                                • $30

                                  Stanley Tumbler

                                  This Stanley Tumbler will keep your beverages at the desired temperature for your school's sport activities.
                                  • $45

                                    Kodak Digital Camera

                                    The 2000s nostalgic digital aesthetic is making a comeback, as teenagers look to old digital cameras to create new memories. This Kodak camera is a great gift for teens interested in vlogging, providing a cute digital look without breaking the bank.
                                    • $45

                                      Fjllrven Knken Backpack

                                      It seems like every single kid I knew growing up had this backpack except for me. Either to fit in or stand out, the water-resistant Fjllrven backpack has been and will always be a staple of teenage years.
                                      • $90
                                        11% off

                                        Donner Acoustic Guitar

                                        This specific Donner Acoustic Guitar was one of the best gifts my dad ever gave me, giving me a creative outlet for school clubs and extracurricular activities. Make your own memories with this cherished guitar with a $20 coupon.
                                        • $149.99
                                        • $169.99
                                          20% off

                                          Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker

                                          Every teen needs a Bluetooth speaker. Get them one that they can lug around for any music needs.
                                          • $119
                                          • $149

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