Black Girl Tamales fusing a Mexican staple with southern soul food

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Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Black Girl Tamales putting a twist to the traditional Mexican dish
"Momma you're trippin:" Houston chef proving skeptics wrong after combining a Mexican staple with classic comfort soul food.

HOUSTON, Texas -- A Houston Chef is putting a twist to a traditional Mexican dish.

In 2019, Chef LaToya Larkin started fusing tamales with soul food dishes such as oxtail, crawfish, gumbo, and jambalaya instead of the traditional chicken and pork. Soon after she created Black Girl Tamales.

Larkin, who has a degree in culinary management, said she learned how to make tamales when she was a child from her grandmother.

You can find Black Girl Tamales on their website and Mango Deli & Cafe at 12012 Wickchester Lane in west Houston.