Black Oak Coffee Roasters offers guests the perfect blend of coffee and community

ByChris Bollini Localish logo
Sunday, January 22, 2023
The daily grind is a welcome routine at Black Oak Coffee Roasters
Black Oak Coffee Roasters brews up great coffees full of flavor.

UKIAH, Calif. -- For most people, mornings start with a cup of coffee.

"There something about coffee, the flavor, the ritual, that is like everyone's personal, intimate story," Black Oak Coffee Roasters owner Jon Frech explains.

"My husband and I wake up, and we make pour over together," customer Vanessa Miranda-Stewart adds, "It's just a part of our day. It's therapeutic. It's a comfort."

"Coffee is very warm. It makes you feel good," customer Olivia Foppiano offers, "It tastes amazing."

Founded by Jon Frech and Keith Feigin, Black Oak Coffee Roasters opened in 2012 with a mission to serve up a different cup of coffee.

"I started roasting basically on my back porch on a camp stove with a hand cranked popcorn popper," Frech reveals. "Thinking about like trying to provide a cup of coffee for town that I couldn't get here."

Black Oak Coffee Roasters offers guests more than memorable roasts and blends. With locations in Ukiah and Healdsburg, CA, they created a space where coffee and community come together.

"Whenever you're catching up with a friend and you say; 'hey, let's grab a cup of coffee, nobody's asking where they're getting coffee. Everyone knows you just coming here," Miranda-Stewart shares.

"It's more than likely that you are going to see people that you know in the community which makes it even more special," Foppiano says.

"The best thing I hear from people is like, 'I go to sleep thinking about having a cup of your coffee the next morning," Frech shares. "It's really cool."

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