Breakthrough COVID-19 infections: This is what you need to know

The pandemic is not over yet. We are in the middle of a new surge of COVID-19 cases and not just among those who are unvaccinated.

Now, we are hearing about more and more cases among the fully vaccinated.

For millions of people, getting the COVID-19 vaccine brought peace of mind and a level of confidence about returning to normal activities.

But these vaccines are not full-proof, something doctors have said from the beginning. It is still possible to get the virus, even after you are fully vaccinated, which is why they are called a breakthrough infection.

Breakthrough cases are expected with every vaccine and are considered rare, but now with the delta variant rapidly spreading around the world, we are hearing more about them.

So what's going on where do we go from here? ABC News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton explains in the latest episode of "On Call with Dr. Jen."
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