VIDEO: Mom breastfeeds baby while pole dancing

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016
A stock image of a woman pole dancing
A stock image of a woman pole dancing

This mom makes multi-tasking look easy. In a video posted to Facebook on January 10, mom Ashley Wright shows herself pole dancing in complex poses with her daughter riding along in a sling.

The video now has more than two million views, 16,000 "likes" and nearly 29,000 shares.

Wright describes herself on her Facebook page and on her website as a "Badass Breastfeeding, Babywearing, Attachment parenting, Pole dancing, Yogi Momma!"

She recently told the Huffington Post, when asked about her intentions in making video, that she "pray(s) that (she's) a reflection of joy, of love, of freedom and all that is good in our world and in them."

She continued, "I pray that mothers meet me and see the beauty and strength of them, of us as awesome women. And I hope that no mother continues in life, not feeling supported, loved, adored, and great."

Wright's daughter is now 3 years old.

Watch the full video below.