Bridg-it app uses technology to prevent bullying

Friday, May 12, 2017
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Rob Nelson has the story.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Bullying is a problem that can have devastating and even deadly consequences. Now, there's a new app that could save a child's life.

Launched here in New York, it lets kids report incidents of bullying and find help without fear of backlash. So far, the results have been impressive.

Bridg-it was designed by Jeff Ervine, and it allows students to quickly and confidentially report bullying at their school. It also offers resources and activities like books and videos to help bring about resolutions.

Students and teachers are all plugged into the app through their phones and computers, creating a 24-7 social safety network.

The program launched three years ago at IS 228 David Boody Middle School in Brooklyn, where the principal says there has been a 75 percent decline in suspensions and a 65 percent drop in behavioral incidents. On top of that, attendance and enrollment are up.

Social media has only deepened the problem of school bullying, and young victims can sometimes battle depression and even thoughts of suicide.

The app currently serves about 12,000 students in 15 schools in New York and Californi, but Bridg-it is gearing up for a major national expansion.

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