Bridgeport bar raid nets 85 underage drinkers; 2 officers on modified duty

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Friday, April 8, 2016

BRIDGEPORT, Connecticut -- A case of sexual assault in Connecticut led to a disturbing investigation into a popular bar located near a Catholic University.

Authorities say an underage girl who had been drinking at the bar was later taken home and sexually assaulted, which led to a raid that ended with nearly a 100 citations for underage drinking.

By day, the Golden Star Cafe is a quiet neighborhood bar in Bridgeport, but by night, police say it is anything but. And now, two police officers have been placed on modified duty for moonlighting as bouncers at the Main Street establishment. Department policy states any outside employment must be approved, and working security anywhere is strictly against the rules.

Police realized two of their own were working at the bar Tuesday night when Golden Star was raided. The bar is a couple of miles from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, and according to authorities, was packed with underage college students. AT least 85 were given summonses, and city officials are looking to send a message.

The raid took place just days after a 19-year-old Sacred Heart student was raped, allegedly by a man she met at the bar. Alfonso Reid, 39, has been arrested, and police say the victim may have thought he was an Uber driver. Despite the rash of incidents, daytime patrons defended their favorite watering hole.

The matter has now been referred to the State Liquor Commission, which could impose penalties and even revoke the bar's liquor license.

Authorities say most of those who were cited were Sacred Heart students.