About 40 suspected gang members arrested in Bronx drug raids

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Raw video: Gang arrests in the Bronx
Watch as police walk suspects arrested in connection with gang violence in the Bronx.

BRONX, New York (WABC) -- About 40 suspected gang members were arrested for allegedly dealing drugs in the Bronx during raids coordinated by the NYPD and Homeland Security Investigations Wednesday morning.

The men were charged with drug, gun and robbery offenses, and are scheduled to appear in federal court in Lower Manhattan.

Prosecutors said they were arrested for dealing cocaine and heroin, mainly in the Bronx.

** Click on the video above to see unedited video of the suspects in custody **

Court records said one such drug deal ended in the murder of Jose Morales, aka Benny White, who was fatally shot on December 11, 2016, on East 175 Street in the Bronx.

Many of the defendants have prior convictions for violent felonies.

Here is a list of names of the 48 total suspects named in the court filings:

1. Edwin Romero, AKA "Yones" and "Yoni"

2. Rafael Romero, AKA "Kodi"

3. Francis Paluzzi, AKA "Fetty"

4. Luis Gonzales, AKA "Tili" and "Bori"

5. Anibal Gonzalez, AKA "Foli"

6. Carlos Mota, AKA "Culebra" and "Snake"

7. Elimanuel Diaz, AKA "Lima"

8. Pedro Olivo, AKA "Pito"

9. Adrian Sanchez, AKA "Pachi"

10. Daryl Simon, AKA "D-Money"

11. Jeffrey Fernandez, AKA "Jefe"

12. Juan Valdez, AKA "Sito"

13. Willie Tucker, AKA "Big Will" and "BJ" and "BG"

14. Kasan Noble, AKA "Kay Kay"

15. Damian Saunders, AKA "Floss"

16. Daniel Jefferson, AKA "Ace"

17. Dereck Jefferson, AKA "Bang"

18. Wayne Scott, AKA "Punch"

19. Eric Rivera, AKA "Chucky" and "Chuck Dollarz"

20. Michael Martinez

21. Maxamillion Mercado, AKA "Bully"

22. Kareem Simmonds, AKA "Kareem Simmons" and "Black"

23. Alexander Pena, AKA "Green Eyes"

24. Anthony Clase, AKA "Ant"

25. Carlos Acosta, AKA "Greg"

26. Christopher Rodriguez, AKA "Dread"

27. Gabriel Gonzales, AKA "Gabi" and "Baldy"

28. Jesus Mata, AKA "Junior" and "Jay"

29. Nana Owusu, AKA "Africa"

30. Roberto Ramirez

31. Yawilis Rodriguez, AKA "Will"

32. Jesus Abad, AKA "Rojo"

33. Angel Guance, AKA "Chico" and "All In"

34. James Felton

35. James Diaz, AKA "Chunky"

36. Andre Felton, AKA "Dre"

37. Ezekiel Burley, AKA "Ezekiel McCall" and "Zeke" and "Ziggy"

38. Uriah Brown, AKA "Scooter"

39. Bradford Cannon, AKA "Brad"

40. Willie Reeves, AKA "Willie Reed" and "Willow"

41. Harold Fields, AKA "Howie" and "HD"

42. Robert Brent, AKA "Ready"

43. Dashaun McDonald, AKA "Dayday"

44. Matthew Torres, AKA "Mac Mittens" and "Green Eyes"

45. Tyrone Turner, AKA "Skrap"

46. Kendrick McCray, AKA "Kenny"

47. Ginger Diaz, AKA "George"

48. Jose Sandoval, AKA "Shorty"