'Back the Blue' protesters met with Black Lives Matter counter-protesters

DYKER HEIGHTS, Brooklyn (WABC) -- Nearly four hundred people hit the streets of Brooklyn on Saturday to rally in a march called 'Back the Blue.' They held signs and chanted slogans as they walked down Bay Ridge Parkway. Their message was that policing is needed to keep crime down and communities safe.

This comes after, they say, months of anti-police sentiment stemming from allegations of police brutality that started off with the death of George Floyd in May, and backlash since city council has decided to defund the new NYPD by $1 billion.

"We come out all the time to defend the police, and why we do it is because they are that thin blue line between civilization and chaos. We love you, NYPD and all law enforcement, government," said Rosemary Rizzo.

"They have been there, and they will always be there - are they perfect? No, but are you? Hello, America - it's time to wake up," added Desiree Bernstein.

At one point, about 20 counter-protesters arrived with Black Lives Matter signs. There were arguments between the two sides, as well as a few discussions, but their interaction fizzled out.
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