Baby born in grocery store gets photo shoot with produce

When Ashleigh Miller-Cross headed down to The Bayers Lake Atlantic Superstore in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, she went in for groceries - but came out with something much more special.

Miller-Cross gave birth to her son Ezra in her local Atlantic Superstore. The mom, who had given birth to a daughter just 10 months earlier, had no idea she was pregnant, but fortunately, the store's assistant manager sprang into action and retrieved a doctor from the store's medical clinic to help with the delivery.

Photographer Jen Matchett heard about the event and offered her services for a cute produce-themed photo shoot.

Baby born in grocery store gets cute photoshoot

Groceries were the theme for the newborn photo shoot of Ezra Cross, who was born in the washroom of a grocery store in Canada.

Jen Matchett, Branches Photography

"I first heard about the story on Facebook. A local news story popped up on my feed. Then the next day I saw a relative of theirs, on a community group looking for donations for the family, who was obviously not expecting another baby," she told ABC News.

Ezra Cross, who was born in the washroom of a grocery store in Canada, got a fun produce-themed photoshoot.

Jen Matchett, Branches Photography

She added, "I knew they wouldn't have been saving for something like that. My photographer brain was already envisioning the grocery basket shot, it just came to me and I had to make it happen."
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