This suit is made entirely from zippers!

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Sunday, March 22, 2020
This one-of-a-kind suit made from zippers is sure to turn heads
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Christos Taltsidis created a one-of-a-kind suit out of zippers.

Zippers, zippers everywhere!

Fashion Designer Christos Taltsidis boasts a truly unique clothing item and the confidence to back it up: a suit, painstakingly sewn entirely with zippers! And wait until you see his red zipper dress!

"It's the only one in the world," Taltsidis said. "All zippers. The whole jacket and pants are made out of zippers."

The international fur and leather designer said, "New York is nothing next to Chicago. Let New York create this."

Taltsidis has a true passion and aims to create things that are completely different than anything else.

He said it took him about three months to create is unique red zipper dress, adding each teeth one by one by hand.

For more information search Christos Furs on Facebook.