Students get to touch real brains at interactive Brain Fair at Mount Sinai Hospital

UPPER EAST SIDE (WABC) -- Last week in celebration of Brain Awareness Week, Michelle Charlesworth stopped by Mount Sinai's 7th Annual Brain Fair.

Open to ages 2 to 86, Michelle joined students and families for an afternoon of interactive exhibits, facts, and fun to celebrate Brain Awareness Week.

"Kids can walk through a giant exhibit of the brain where they will learn things about the inner workings of the brain as they are going through it," said Dr. Eric J. Nestler, Director of the Friedman Brain Institute.

"The brain is the coolest organ in the body! It determines how we think, how we remember, who we are as people," said Nestler.

Kids were able to touch a real brain and understand how it works.

"I touched the protective casing of the brain and it was like really hard because I was trying to stretch it, and it wouldn't even break," said a young student at the exhibit.

The doctor told Michelle the brain feels like "cottage cheese".

This annual fair brings hundreds of visitors every year to educated the public youth.

For information about next year's event, contact MIND at Mount Sinai at:

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