CDC raises cruise ship travel warning to highest level

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Tuesday, November 24, 2020
CDC raises cruise ship travel warning to highest level
The CDC raised its warning on cruise ship travel and provided guidance for future passengers.

SAN FRANCISCO -- The CDC is raising its COVID-19 warning on cruise ships to its highest level, saying everyone should avoid going on a cruise, worldwide.

The guidance comes after the CDC lifted its months-long ban on cruise ships last month.

The new guidance says cruise passengers should get tested three to five days after their trip, as well as quarantine for seven days even if they test negative once they return home.

If they don't get tested, they should stay home for 14 days.

This comes following a trial cruise ship's COVID-19 scare on the Sea Dream One, full of 53 volunteer passengers and 66 crew members on board. According to "The Points Guy" reporter Gene Sloan, who was on board the ship, all passengers were tested before boarding Saturday, Nov. 7.

But on Tuesday, one felt sick, and tested positive.