Cranford man accused of putting dead cat inside NJ family mailbox

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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
Cranford man accused of putting dead cat into family mailbox
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Back in March, a NJ family found a dead cat inside their mailbox in Cranford. Earlier this week, police identified a suspect.

CRANFORD, New Jersey (WABC) -- Back in March, a family uncovered a startling surprise when they uncovered a dead cat had been placed inside their mailbox.

Police have now tracked down the person they say put it there.

Officials say 28-year-old Steven Elias is the man behind the disturbing act, which was captured on surveillance video.

The video footage captured a person walking onto the Saladino family's Cranford property on the night March 12 with an object in hand.

After a nearly three-month long investigation, authorities identified Elias as the person behind it.

Elias was charged with several offenses related to the disturbing crime, including third-degree causing fear of unlawful bodily violence, harassment, and criminal trespass for placing the deceased cat inside the mailbox.

Authorities say the cat appeared to have been hit by a car or killed by another animal.

Elias was issued a summons.