Digital Detox Vacation: How it benefits you and your kids

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Tuesday, August 6, 2019
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More people are searching for trips that help them get away from it all and disconnect as a digital detox.

Vacation is a way to rest, relax, rejuvenate, but has also become the latest way to escape and digital detox.

"People are now actually paying other people to impose disconnection upon them, which is a little bit crazy frankly if you think about it," said 'How to Break Up With Your Phone' author Catherine Price.

More people are searching for trips that help them get away from it all and disconnect, and no cell service and no WiFi is starting to mean no vacancy.

A converted fire tower in Oregon is going for $200 a night and has a 300 person waiting list, an island in the Caribbean could cost you $400 a night, and a night in Alaska to really shut it all out is setting the bar at $2,000 a night.

"You should be very aware the more you interact with technology on vacation, the less time you're actually present in your vacation itself," Price said. "It kind of robs you of the experience you spent a lot of money to have."

Vacations like these aren't just for adults. With growing rates of anxiety and depression in teens linked to devices, unplugging is for kids too.

Disconnecting from it all can be an extremely good thing for your long-term productivity, your ability to focus and all sorts of other aspects of your health. It helps lower your stress levels and heightens your ability to be present and happy in your own life in your moment. All the benefits proving that we all could use some digital downtime to truly reboot.