Run for the Future: Scholarships offered to young women in summer run program

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Amy Freeze has the story of Run for the Future, a summer run program for young women. (WABC)

Would you run if I paid you? Well young women, heads up. You can get a scholarship just for participating in a summer run program with the New York Road Runners called Run for the Future.

Some people say I would run if you paid me... well, that punchline is now a way to get young women to move towards their goals.

"If we give a scholarship entice them, and they will learn to love it," said Run for the Future donor Cathy Lasry.

New York City high school girls can apply for a summer program which trains them to run their first 5K and by summer's end they earned a $1000 scholarship toward college.

"This is geared for girls who aren't runners, to help her become a runner," said Michael Rodgers of the New York Road Runners.

The program brings in Pro runners like Brianne Nelson and this year's marathon champion Blake Russell to inspire the girls.

"Running is just like life, it teaches people to reach goals professional goals, don't give up," said Blake.

They come from all over the city. Kathalia, Patricia and Alexandria all did the program together. Now all 3 are college sophomores.

Run for the Future aims for runners to take their new skills... and their scholarship cash to the next start line!

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