Lady Gaga, Prince William team up to reduce stigma on mental health issues

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
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Lady Gaga, Prince William try to reduce stigma on mental health issues

SAN FRANCISCO -- Prince William and Lady Gaga are joining forces to persuade people to be more open about their mental health issues.

The "Mother Monster" and the British Prince chatted about mental health on Facebook Live.

"For me the little bits that I've learned so far about mental health is very much a case of it's okay to have this conversation, it's really important to have this conversation," Prince William said.

The Prince spoke about how important conversations can be with a friend or family member.

Lady Gaga talked about her own PTSD that she suffered following a sexual assault at 19 years old.

"Even though it was hard, it was the best thing that could come out of my mental illness was to share it with other people, and let you know our generation as well as other generations know that if you are feeling not well in your mind that you are not alone, and that people that you would think would never have a problem do," Gaga said.

The two agreed to do more to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Lady gaga will visit the U.K. in October.

"I feel like we are not hiding anymore we're starting to talk and that's what we need to do," Gaga said.

"Absolutely, and it's time that everyone speaks up and really feels very normal about mental health it's the same as physical health," Prince William said.