The Countdown: Questions linger after FAA outage causes travel turbulence

Thursday, January 12, 2023
The Countdown: Questions linger after FAA outage causes travel turbulence
On this episode of The Countdown, we dig deeper into the questions left unanswered after an FAA outage sparked travel chaos.

Computer breakdown sows chaos across US air travel system

housands of flights across the U.S. were canceled or delayed Wednesday after a system that offers safety information to pilots failed, and the government launched an investigation into the breakdown, which grounded some planes for hours.

The Federal Aviation Administration said preliminary indications "traced the outage to a damaged database file." The agency said it would take steps to avoid another similar disruption.

How to get a refund from airlines during travel troubles

Wednesday morning's FAA outage caused nearly 9,000 delays and canceled 1,200 flights. It was the latest travel woes just weeks after the Southwest airlines holiday fiasco.

But if you're dealing with travel troubles, can you get recourse and a refund? 7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda breaks down what your rights are and how to fight.

MTA to install bike racks on buses, at subway stations to encourage 'micromobility' options

MTA officials are making a push to open up the mass transit system to better serve riders who use bikes and scooters for part of their commute.

"There's tremendous growth in the use of micro-mobility devices and that gives us the chance ability to extend the reach of the transit system as the alternative to driving to many areas that may not have a rail system nearby," MTA Chairman Janno Lieber said.

The MTA will add bike racks to 37 subway stations that don't already have them to encourage commuters to use alternative transportation to reach the closest train station.

Supreme Court allows NY gun law restricting concealed firearms to remain in effect amid appeals

The Supreme Court on Wednesday allowed a New York gun law that places restrictions on carrying a concealed firearm to remain in effect while legal challenges play out.

In a brief order, the justices rebuffed an emergency request from challengers to the law who say it violates their constitutional right to keep and bear arms. They asked the justices to lift a federal appeals court order that froze a district court decision that invalidated key provisions.

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