Come flying with Drone Cam 7 over Brooklyn

GRAVESEND, Brooklyn (WABC) -- Strap in and get ready for some thrills.

Drone Cam 7 recently took to the skies over Brooklyn delivering views from around Calvert Vaux Park.

A team of FAA-licensed drone pilots from WABC and ABC News joined members of the Seaview Rotary Wings, a private flying club, for some extra flying time.

**Check out footage from Drone Cam 7 in video player above.**

The news team is constantly looking for new tools to enhance our story-telling capabilities and that includes flying drones.

But using drones isn't always easy. Many places in the New York region ban them so we only fly only at approved locations.

Our drone pilots follow strict rules so they don't get in the way of air traffic from near-by airports.

The safety of our crews and those in our community is most important to us.
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