Vandals destroy Rockland County food truck used at charity events

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Thursday, August 10, 2017
Vandals destroy Rockland County food truck used at charity events
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Marcus Solis has the details on a Rockland County charity food truck that was vandalized.

PEARL RIVER, Rockland County (WABC) -- The search is underway for the person or persons who vandalized a food truck used for charity events in Rockland County.

Now, thousands of dollars worth of equipment is missing, and authorities are seeking the public's help.

The damage is extensive, both inside and outside the vehicle, parked in a lot in Pearl River. Shattered glass littered the ground, and a pole was sticking out through the windshield.

Rick Salazar and his wife own a number of cafes in corporate office parks, and he bought the truck last year to serve food at charity events sponsored by tenants and other organizations, including the March of Dimes and Wounded Warrior Project.

"We bought this truck for a reason, and I believe things happen for a reason," he said.

They donate all the food, and on weekends when there are no events, he continues to restore the 1973 truck.

"We just give hot dogs, hamburgers and burritos out of the goodness of our hearts for the people that need it," he said.

He believes the damage was done by teenagers, who may have accessed the lot via the surrounding woods.

"They put holes in the steam table, they took the propane tanks," he said. "They broke the plumbing from the sink."

He has a message for the vandals when they are caught.

"I would like to bring them to court and have them do community service," he said. "For them to realize that there's other people who need things like this to make things happen for their life. And they come and destroyed it."

Besides the mechanical damage to the truck, thousands of dollars worth of food equipment was ruined or stolen. Salazar said he is undeterred and will restore the truck so he can get back to serving the community.