7 On Your Side's guide to Giving Tuesday

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Tuesday, December 1, 2020
Giving Tuesday: Tips from 7 On Your Side
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So how can you contribute? Here are some ideas.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Today is Giving Tuesday, a tradition started eight years ago at the 92nd Street Y.

It was originally meant to be a compassionate answer to the commercialism of Black Friday, but now it's become a global movement.

So how can you contribute? Here are some ideas.

How about raising money while working out? Just download the free app Charity Miles.

For every mile you run, bike, walk or even dance you can earn money for your charity from Charity Miles's pool of sponsors.

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How would you like to raise money for an animal shelter every time you walk your dog?

Check out the Wooftrax app. Very simply, the more you walk your dog, the more money is contributed by the apps sponsors and given to shelters and rescues.

If you're already shopping on Amazon, put a smile in front of the web address, like this: smile.amazon.com.

If you shop here for qualifying purchases, Amazon will contribute 5 percent of your purchase to a charity you choose.

And you don't need to donate money to give. How about donating blood?

The New York Blood Center said their stockpile is "alarmingly low," because the pandemic has put a damper on donations.

But as I showed a few months ago donating blood even in this time of COVID is perfectly safe. One pint of blood can save three lives.

Finally, how about donating reward points or miles from your credit card?

Through the end of today American Express is offering a 10 times match when you donate to Feeding America.

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And if you own a cash rewards card, you can simply donate your rewards money to charity.

One big takeaway for this Giving Tuesday is a warning: be wary when donating to telephone solicitors.

They are usually paid fundraisers who take a hefty cut.

Instead, contact the charity of your choosing and donate directly to them.

And remember, this year the CARES Act allows a $300 per household deduction for charitable giving made up to the end of the year.

Happy giving!



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