'Grease' opened on Broadway 50 years ago, new book features memories from show's stars

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Tuesday, June 7, 2022
New book marks 50 years since 'Grease' opened on Broadway
A new book, "Grease: Tell Me More, Tell Me More," reminisces about the opening of the Broadway musical 50 years ago. Sandy Kenyon has the details.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022, marked 50 years since the Broadway musical "Grease" opened at The Broadhurst Theater.

The show's opening marked the start of an eight year run on Broadway, and the musical set in a high school during the 1950s still resonates today.

Members of the original cast have stayed close.

For many, this was their first or second professional job.

Half a century ago, they were all young together, and more than 100 contributed to a new book of reminiscences.

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The show's original director, Tom Moore, and producer, Ken Waissman, gathered in Bryant Park Tuesday to launch the book they put together.

Today, Marilu Henner is a famous TV star, but she was just starting out when she was last in "Grease."

"I think 'Grease' is the fountain of youth, because everybody looks great," Henner said. "And they've all stayed full of energy and full of love for one another. It's great."

Back in June of 1972, Irene Kristen shared a dressing room with Carole Demas, who played Sandy.

"Very few people in the business ever get to experience something like we have," Kristen said. "It's wonderful."

Kristen explained the long lasting appeal of the show.

"It's timeless, even though it's of a time," she said. "That's really how I feel about it. Kids are still kids."

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And so, a show set in a 1950s high school that premiered in the 70s is still being performed regularly, 50 years later.

The book "Grease: Tell Me More, Tell Me More" is out now.

The title, of course, refers to the famous line from the musical's famous tune, "Summer Nights."