Watch ABC7's special 'Breast Cancer: Surprising Discoveries' on October 21

On Sunday, October 21, WABC-TV will air a Special entitled "Breast Cancer: Surprising Discoveries" at 12PM, EDT. (Also to be re-run Sat. 11/10 at 7:30pm). Hosted by Eyewitness News Anchor, Diana Williams, the Special brings you survivors who encounter some surprising twists and turns on the road to diagnosis & recovery. This year marks WABC's twenty-fourth year of working with the American Cancer Society.

The Special features young women dealing with fertility issues triggered by the diagnosis of breast cancer with a specific focus on genetic mutations and the ability to preserve their options. One of the women chose to freeze her eggs and discusses how her care team helped her navigate early menopause and other quality of life challenges. Two of them inherited the BRCA gene from their father, raising the importance of genetic testing. One chose to become a previvor by opting for prophylactic double mastectomies & she's an avid advocate at the American Cancer Society. Another was offered a groundbreaking option involving In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Pre-implantation Genetic Testing so doctors can biopsy each embryo for the BRCA gene enabling control over the passing on of the genetic mutation to future generations.

We feature the lead author of a landmark study that made big news this year at ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology). TAILORx was the largest adjuvant breast cancer treatment trial ever done and because of it doctors can use a test to tailor therapy for individual patients. This now allows for new guidelines that will save almost half of the current breast cancer patients from having to get Chemotherapy. Researchers & doctors are always working on ways to improve the quality of life for survivors. We feature a recent trial that uses Acupuncture to help women stay on life saving drugs that can have painful side effects.
The Special features two women with interesting surprise twists on discovering a metastasis. One of them was very diligent about screening due to her family history and that's what saved her life when an MRI revealed that a previous Melanoma had metastasized to her breast. The second woman took a fall breaking her foot & hitting her head. A cat scan of the brain revealed a tumor that was removed & discovered to be breast cancer that had metastasized to her brain. The use of cutting edge Cyberknife procedures gives her a good prognosis in spite of a Stage 4 diagnosis.

Experts featured include doctors and researchers from NewYork-Presbyterian, Columbia University Irving Medical Center, Weill Cornell Medicine, Montefiore Health System, Albert Einstein Cancer Center, Atlantic Health System at Overlook Medical Center, Mount Sinai Health System, Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York and Murray Hill Radiology.

This annual special is part of WABC-TV's continuing commitment to the American Cancer Society's Making Strides against Breast Cancer campaign and we strongly urge our viewers to join them in making a difference. Previous Specials in the series have won seven Emmy Awards & three National Gracie Allen Awards.



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