Man breaks into California bank to heat up Hot Pocket

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Thursday, May 28, 2020
Man breaks into California bank to cook Hot Pocket
The man admitted breaking into the Wells Fargo location to use a microwave. He said he ate two Hot Pockets while inside.

SAN DIEGO, Calfornia -- In just about every case of a bank break-in, the responsible parties are typically after money inside.

That was not the case at a San Diego Wells Fargo. A man accused of shattering a window to get in the bank branch wanted to use the microwave.

The man was taken into custody after surveillance cameras showed him breaking in and heating up Hot Pockets to eat.

"Was it worth it?" a reporter on the scene asked the man as he was led to a waiting police cruiser.

"Was it worth it? Yeah, it was worth it," he said. "A Hot Pocket? Hell, yeah."

The man, who told reporters he is homeless, said he ate two of the microwaveable turnovers while inside the bank.