Brazilian superstar Anitta excited TikTok concert now on Hulu, Disney+ with best performances

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Friday, December 15, 2023
Brazilian superstar Anitta excited TikTok concert now on Hulu, Disney+
Sandy Kenyon has more on superstar Anitta.

NEW YORK -- Last Sunday, tens of thousands of music fans gathered in Mesa, Arizona, in the Phoenix area, for a concert featuring Charlie Puth, Niall Horan, Cardi B., and Brazilian superstar Anitta.

The live show was streamed on TikTok which is organizing and streaming the concert under the banner "In the Mix".

Friday, a one-hour compilation of the best moments from the event is available on Disney+ and Hulu, owned by the same parent company as ABC 7.

The cheers for Anitta in Arizona were as loud as you would expect for a dynamic performer who has tens of millions of followers on social media and tens of billions of views on TikTok. That made her a natural choice to be one of the headliners for "In the Mix."

"Every single artist represents something different there on TikTok, have your own moment," Anitta said.

Anitta is known for her dance challenges, asking fans to imitate her signature moves.

"Connecting with the fans is the most important thing, when you want to build something strong and like build a foundation and like to be grounded with your people. I think it's really important to use the social media to understand your fans to communicate with them to feel closer," she said.

And when it to comes to broadening your fan base, that's where a TV special can prove very helpful.

"And the Hulu is going to have like a compilation of the best moments and abbreviation of one hour of the set," Anitta said.

So, you'll see highlights of the headliners, and trust me..."You'll be falling in love with the girl from Rio," Anitta sang at Coachella.

Hulu and Disney+ are owned by the Walt Disney Co., which is the parent company of this station.