Insta-Star Alexa Mehraban turns love for food into full time job

ByEmily Sowa WABC logo
Wednesday, March 7, 2018
Social Superstar Alexa Mehraban explains how her love for food turned into her full time job.

SOHO, Manhattan (WABC) -- For mouth-watering, crave inducing and serious food FOMO (fear of missing out)... New York City foodies should check out @EatingNYC on Instagram.

Alexa Mehraban, a New York native, is eating her way through New York's biggest hot spots. A professional eater and founder of @EatingNYC, a food-focused brand that discovers restaurants around the city and top Instagram-worthy eats.

Alexa started taking pictures of food and blogging about her experience in 2014 and now has more than 299,000 followers on Instagram. With a background in hospitality and an expertise in social media, Alexa has developed a keen understanding of the restaurant industry. Alexa is a true believer that the ever-changing social platform now has a major influence on a restaurant's success. Chefs and restaurants now need to consider Instagram and what makes for a good picture when deciding on a menu or main attraction in a popular dish.

Alexa was listed as one of the top 30 people in food by AdWeek in 2016 and launched a food blog website in addition to her Instagram. The biggest perk of her website for New Yorkers and foodies is her 'Food Guide'. Her Food Guide can be used to sort restaurants by cuisine, price and neighborhoods. She has visited over 500 restaurants throughout the city, so you can't go wrong using her sites for recommendations or ideas!

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