Sandy Kenyon reviews 'Peppermint,' starring Jennifer Garner

MANHATTAN, New York City (WABC) -- Part of my job is to warn you away from movies that simply are not worth your money, and now, I'm about to save you a few more bucks.

I had high hopes for "Peppermint," because Jennifer Garner is one of my favorite people. She is one of the very few stars who is as kind as she seems, with an inner strength that is remarkable. So the idea of Garner playing a mom-turned-vigilante seemed very appealing.

"Peppermint" takes its time getting started before Riley North watches a drug gang annihilate her husband and daughter in front of her -- just a few days before Christmas.

The killers are not brought to justice, angering Riley to take vengeance. She spends five years getting ready to administer her own form of justice, living off the grid on Los Angeles' skid row before eliminating the killers along with those who protected them.

Words like "trash" are being used by critics after most couldn't stand this movie, but Garner tries so hard to make it work that I found myself giving her points for trying and wishing her considerable star power could be used to better advantage in a better movie.

Only her most devoted fans will want to pay to see "Peppermint." This weekend is a dumping ground for pictures, after the summer blockbusters have played out and before all the buzz about Oscar begins in October.

Film fans, I got nothing for you.

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