'Work-from-Las-Vegas' travel package seeks to lure remote workers to Bellagio, Aria hotels

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Friday, August 7, 2020
'Viva Las Office': MGM Resorts offers travel deal to remote workers
MGM Resorts is offering business professionals a travel package called "Viva Las Office."

LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- Working from home got you down? Try doing it in Vegas.

MGM Resorts is now offering business professionals a travel package called "Viva Las Office."

Deals include discounted jet service and cheap rooms.

An executive assistant is also included, which is actually a personal concierge.

The package is billed as the "ultimate home-away-from the-home-office" experience.

Georgia school lifts suspension for student who shared crowded hallway photo

Multiple Georgia high school students who posted pictures and videos of crowded hallways have been suspended from school.

For now, the deal is limited to the Bellagio and Aria hotels.

On Tuesday, Nevada officials said that 95% of new coronavirus cases reported statewide during the last day emerged in the Las Vegas area.

State coronavirus response chief Caleb Cage said Clark County residents accounted for 931 of the 980 positive COVID-19 tests reported to the state Department of Health and Human Services. Fewer than 3% came from the Reno area.

Confirmed cases in the state topped 52,000, and 15 more deaths were reported - bringing the total to at least 862.

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