Pottery studio sculpts creative spaces across New York City

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Monday, September 11, 2023
Pottery studio sculpts creative spaces across New York City
Learn to throw clay on the wheel and how to hand-build items you'll keep forever.

Brooklyn, New York -- Pottery Studio 1 specializes in one-time pottery classes where you can create your own piece from scratch.

"My favorite part of our studio is that we allow people who never tried pottery before to see what it's like, to test it out," said Sasha, the Managing Partner of the studio.

Within this year, they opened three locations: Lower East Side, Upper West Side and Clinton Hill in Brooklyn.

"Our pottery studio became like a center for creative people," Sasha explained.

One of their instructors, An, walked through the step-by-step process of working with clay on the wheel and then demonstrated how to hand-build decorations, handles, etc.

A class is typically two hours long, and most students spend about thirty minutes on the wheel. First-timers tend to make items such as mugs, cups, bowls, and trinket trays.

If you just want to sculpt your raw clay into a work of art, there is a class option starting at $90 per person, which includes wheel-throwing and hand-building during the workshop, but you cannot paint your item. The team then fires these pieces in the kiln once, resulting in a white, matted bisque piece that is not food or water-safe and decorative only.

However, if you want to actually eat or drink from the item you make, the $120 per person option includes painting right after the shape is complete on the wheel, glazing of your work, and two kiln firings, so it will be food and water-safe. The studio's team does all of the kiln firings after the classes, and the pieces are ready to be picked up a couple weeks later.

They also host a variety of events and parties ranging from corporate gatherings to bachelorette parties.

"I love seeing people leaving after the class because all of them are super excited about coming back for their pieces," said Sasha.

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