Video shows California sinkhole as it collapses street

MADERA, Calif. -- A large portion of a road in Madera is shut down while a repair crew plugs a sinkhole.

A large chunk of Schnoor Avenue-- north of Howard Avenue and south of 5th Street-- has collapsed. Madera police said it's not exactly known what caused the damage but said it's likely due to the recent rains

"When we arrived out here it was a very small divot. Not very wide, not very long, not very deep. And within about a half-hour time it turned into about half the size of what you see now. Over the past couple of hours it's kinda growing," said Matt Sauceda, Madera Police.

"I'm worried about the house. We just barely moved in October, so, this is not what I wanted to see," said Joshua Medina, neighbor.

The street fell into the sewage line, and so far, a 12-foot by 15-foot section of roadway has collapsed.

The hole is approximately 15 to 20 feet deep.

The road is currently closed for repairs and it's not known when it will re-open.
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