Out of work magician conjures up new career building treehouses

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Magician conjures up new career building treehouses
When LA's iconic Magic Castle closed during the pandemic, magician Eric Buss found his artistic passion in a higher place - building treehouses.

LOS ANGELES -- Eric Buss was a magician working at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles when the pandemic shut down the iconic venue. Wanting to try something new to keep himself busy, he built a tree house for his son.

"I built my son a treehouse for his eighth birthday. I took pictures, put them on Facebook, and then word caught on. Everyone started wanting tree houses," he said.

It gave him purpose after the coronavirus so suddenly took his cherished job away.

"It was sad but we all collected our props, went home and the world was shut down," said Buss.

Buss has been on television a lot and was also a regular performer at the Magic Castle.

"When I learned that I could do something else that actually fed my soul and made me happy, it was eye opening," said Buss. "And as sad as it was to lose all my magic gigs, I literally thought wait a minute, I could do other things that make me completely happy."



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