Magicians from 'Monday Night Magic' bring their tricks to Eyewitness News

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Saturday, July 8, 2017
Magicians display tricks up their sleeve
Michael Chaut and Todd Robbins have been showcasing their magic for years in Greenwich Village.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Joining us on Eyewitness News Saturday Morning were Michael Chaut and Todd Robbins, who have been showcasing their magic for years in Greenwich Village.

Their Off-Broadway production of Monday Night Magic recently celebrated its 20th anniversary at the Players Theatre on MacDougal Street.

After playing its 1,000th performance on June 5th, Monday Night Magic is in an unprecedented position in the history of Off Broadway landmark events. becoming the longest running magic show ever in New York City.

"Monday Night Magic was started as a one night experiment in June of 1997 and it was so successful that we were bombarded with requests to do it again," said Chaut, master magician, mentalist, comedian and founder of Monday Night Magic. "We realized since Broadway was dark on Mondays it was a great night for magicians to support the brand worldwide. I'm extremely honored to be working with all of these brilliant entertainers who have lent their talent for the show all these years."

Every Monday night magicians share the stage to perform their unique brand of magic spanning the art form, from mentalism acts and comedy magic, to skilled sleight-of-hand and magical storytelling.

During a short intermission, the magic continues, with close-up magicians mingling with guests and performing in the lobby of the theatre and in front of the stage.

"Magic is experiencing a renaissance today partly due to the "cool factor" of performers like David Blaine and Criss Angel," said Robbins, co-founder of Monday Night Magic and renowned side-show magician. "There's a lot of great magic being performed across YouTube, live tours, performances in comedy clubs, on TV with shows like 'America's Got Talent' and live magic theatre on Broadway. Our goal all along was to create a place where the world's best magicians could showcase their talents and people could experience the wonder and astonishment right before their eyes."