K-9 tracks down 12-year-old girl missing in woods during Tropical Storm Elsa

FORT MYERS, FL -- A newly trained K-9 officer named Mercy tracked down a missing 12-year-old lost in the woods during Tropical Storm Elsa.

"Reuniting a family with a lost child like that--especially in a tropical storm or hurricane and we got her home before any harm could come to her...it's a home run for us. It's a win," local law enforcement officer Julio Lock said.

The young girl went missing Tuesday night in Lee County, Florida.

Deputy Travis Jelly and his partner Mercy heard the call and immediately jumped into action.

They braved the strong wind and heavy rain from Tropical Storm Elsa, which was churning just off the coast with sustained winds just shy of hurricane strength.

Mercy tracked the girl for more than half a mile through thick woods and despite the weather conditions.

Thanks to Mercy, the young girl was reunited with her family safe and sound.

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