Who will 'The Bachelorette' Michelle choose? Nayte or Brandon?

'Bachelorette' Finale Preview

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Tuesday, December 21, 2021
Michelle prepares to give out her final rose on 'The Bachelorette'
Sandy Kenyon has a preview of "The Bachelorette" finale.

NEW YORK -- Tonight, "The Bachelorette" Michelle Young will finally make her choice and hand out her final rose.

"I'm in love with two incredible men," Michelle said.

She is down to her final two men, Nayte and Brandon.

"I have this red flag with Nayte," Michelle said.

Michelle gave Nayte her first impression rose the very first night of the show and has been deeply attracted to him throughout the season.

However, Brandon has always been there for Michelle. Just last week he stopped the rose ceremony to reaffirm his feelings to her and let her know that he just wanted her to be happy, no matter the outcome.

"Introducing you to my family, they just want to feel that you are there," Michelle said.

Both men will meet Michelle's parents who have been happily married for decades. She made it clear at the start, she was looking for a long-lasting love like theirs.

Brandon met Michelle's family during an early one-on-one date and they all hit it off. For Nayte, it could be a make-or-break meeting, as seen in an exclusive GMA sneak peek clip.

"I can see that she has these feelings for you, and I just hope that they're the same," Michelle's dad said.

"Feelings are being reciprocated for sure, now the logistics of, are we moving? Um, I don't know," Nayte said.

"Interesting," her father said. "Okay, interesting."

"I'm still not sure that at the end of this you really feel like you'd be ready for an engagement," Michelle's mother said to Nayte. "I'm not sure you're 100% in."

Nayte and Brandon have professed their love, but one has left her with doubts.

"I'm scared of loving someone more than they love me," Michelle said.

You can watch the three-hour finale tonight on ABC beginning at 8 p.m.

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