Dream come true: Major League Baseball player sees boy playing in yard, stops to play catch with him

ByAdam Winkler KTRK logo
Monday, February 5, 2024
Astros star Ryan Pressly surprises 11-year-old Houston boy, Blake Foley, with front yard pitch and catch game
When Astros relief pitcher, Ryan Pressly, saw an 11-year-old Houston boy playing catch in his front yard, he stepped out of his car and joined in.

HOUSTON, Texas -- Blake Foley is persistent when it comes to pitching and catching.

"When I have free time, I usually just play baseball," Blake told ABC13.

It's a familiar front yard activity for the 11-year-old, with a familiar throwing partner: his mom, Hope.

"Almost every day, he asks to play catch," Hope, a mother of four, said.

It isn't every day that one of the best pitchers on your favorite team crashes your throwing session.

While Blake and his Mom were recently playing catch in front of their house, Astros relief pitcher Ryan Pressly, who lives nearby, pulled over. He stepped out of his vehicle and asked Hope to borrow her glove so the Major League Baseball All-Star could throw with Blake.

"No way is he wanting to play catch with me," Blake recalled. "I'm like, 'holy cow, this is crazy.'"

Blake and Pressly were familiar with each other from the neighborhood and had previously interacted. However, as Blake explained while reenacting how it all went down, the man who recorded the final out of the 2022 World Series has never offered to play catch before. This naturally made Blake a little nervous.

"I got way more comfortable after the first five throws," Blake admitted. "I was like, 'don't miss it, don't miss it.'"

Pressly stayed for several minutes, not only playing catch but also letting Blake try to hit a whiffle ball off him and vice versa.

"The whole city should know how amazing Ryan Pressly is and what he did to spend time with a huge Astros fan," Hope shared.

After Blake's favorite throwing partner, his mother, was briefly replaced by his favorite big leaguer, will it be tough to toss with Mom after Pressly turned this front yard into a field of dreams?

"My mom is great, but if I had the chance, I'd play with an MLB baseball player every time."

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