Family outraged after video mocks veteran left to wander streets of the Bronx

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ByLucy Yang via WABC logo
Tuesday, May 10, 2016
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Lucy Yang is live in the Bronx with the latest details.

MOTT HAVEN, Bronx (WABC) -- A family is outraged after their father, a veteran, was released from the hospital and left on the street.

He is the subject of a disturbing video where he is seen wandering the streets of the Bronx.

Now the family wants answers and help for the man who once risked his life for his country.

Why was he left on his own, and how did he fall through the cracks, they want to know.

The veteran is now receiving medical care at Lincoln Hospital but the family is furious after the video surfaced. They say the system failed this soldier.

When someone decided to mock this older man, and post it on the Internet, perhaps he never imagined this man's daughter would see it and that it would break her heart.

"I'm disgusted. Outraged. Appalled. How my father was treated as a vet who served this country," said Colby Jenkins. "I need to let that person know shame on you for what you did to my father."

Oliver Jenkins, 65, served our nation in the army. But when he returned from his tour in Germany he was never quite the same.

"The city failed him. The government failed him. Major problem right there," said community activist Tony Herbert.

The Jenkins family complains he's not received the proper care due a soldier.

In fact, they claim they were never even notified when he was released from the VA Hospital in Manhattan, released to wander the streets and not take his medication.

They had no idea where he was or how he was suffering until this video surfaced.

"All of them owe us an answer," said Colby Jenkins. "He is my father. Children love him. He is no bum on the street."

A spokeswoman for the Department of Veterans Affairs New York Harbor Healthcare System says this is the first they had heard about the story.

They will respond after looking into the situation and gathering more information.