Woman writes open letter to fellow air traveler, chastising them for rude behavior

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Thursday, May 14, 2015
Munyee Lau, the woman who penned an open letter to a passenger who was being inconsiderate on her 8-hour flight.
Munyee Lau/ABC News

Munyee Lau was expecting to get some rest on her 8-hour AirAsia flight from Singapore to Sydney. But after an inconsiderate passenger ruined her flight, Lau penned an open letter calling out the rude air traveler.

"I knew it was going to be a very long flight, so I was looking forward to getting some rest, but then all these things happened," Lau told ABC News.

"The kicking of the chair was the first thing that came and after that was the ripping of plastic bags -- the snacks. She [the passenger] was shouting at her friend next to her. I thought, 'It's fine, it's not too too bad.' Then she took off her shoes and stuck her feet between the seat and the plane window," Lau said. "That's when I thought, 'Wow, this really can't get any worse.'"

A picture Lau took on her flight of the rude passenger's feet extended next to her seat.
Munyee Lau/ABC News

Three weeks after her unpleasant flight, Lau penned an open letter on a Singaporean humor website calling out the rude passenger behind her.

Dear passenger 15A,

Lau's letter quickly went viral, with many commenters praising the hilarious letter and others arguing Lau was shaming the other passenger.

"Rather than being traumatized by it, I figured I'd write about it because that's how I cope," Lau said. "Thus far, rather than the crying babies, this was by far the worse flight and the most humorous one. Some people were saying I was shaming the passenger and causing her harm. I wrote it to be comedic.

"We are all traveling and trying to get to our destination in one piece, but we should be sensitive and courteous to other people. My main goal is that people read it, look at the lighter side of life, and laugh at this seemingly daunting experience.

"I do get some letters that say 'I got a good laugh, you really made my morning' and that's why I write."