Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy on vocal warm-up duty for 'Disney Holiday Singalong'

Miss Piggy is ready for her close-up on the "Disney Holiday Singalong." She also learned a bit about the top selling supergroup BTS.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2020
Disney Holiday Singalong books Muppet superstars
'Joy to the World!' Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog team up for a very big job on the 'Disney Holiday Singalong.'

It's time for another "Disney Holiday Singalong" -- this time, for the holidays! Some big names in music are among the stars joining in to help celebrate the season: Katy Perry, BTS, Pink - to name a few. We'll also see the one and only Miss Piggy... who's teaming up with her green friend, Kermit the Frog for a very big job on the show.

"That is right. We are going to be doing the vocal warm-ups at the start of tonight's 'Disney Holiday Singalong,'" said Kermit.

"Yes! I'm going to be fabulous!" said Miss Piggy. "I'm going to lead everyone in a big vocal-up and then I'm going to sing all the songs tonight -- all of them!"

Sandy Kenyon has a preview of the "Disney Holiday Singalong," airing Monday night on ABC.

We asked Miss Piggy how her pipes compared to the legendary Andrea Bocelli, who is performing in the singalong.

"You know, he has a wonderful voice and it's going to blend magically with mine when he sings back-up for me," said Miss Piggy.

There's also a reunion of the Broadway cast of "Frozen"- back in their theater so they can perform "Let it Go" for the singalong.

"We got BTS and Katy Perry and Michael Bublé and Kerry Washington, Adam Lambert, Leslie Odom Jr. I mean, they're all going to be great!" said Kermit.

I asked Miss Piggy what she thinks of the current major music force, BTS.

"That's so weird, isn't it? How a sandwich could become big in music?" said Miss Piggy.

I gently reminded her she might be thinking of a BLT.

Watch "Disney Holiday Singalong" Monday, Nov. 30, at 8|7 c on ABC.

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