Neighborhood Eats: Taste of Brazil in New Jersey at Brazeiro Churrascaria

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Friday, October 14, 2016
Neighborhood Eats: Taste of Brazil in New Jersey at Brazeiro Churrascaria
Lauren Glassberg has the story.

NORTH BERGEN, New Jersey (WABC) -- Brazil may be best known for its pristine beaches and lush rain forests.

Along with the beautiful scenery and beautiful people, it also has some of the world's most delicious food, especially for carnivores.

Beef is big in Brazil. and it's the focal point of a restaurant opened by a Brazilian family who came to the states in 2000 specifically to share their love of Brazilian food.

Brazeiro Churrascaria is located at 7420 in North Bergen. and yes, there are items for non meat eaters as well.

At Brazeiro Churrascaria, it's about the meat.

"Rodizio is a special service we offer to the customer, he sits at the table and we slice all the meats we have to the fire non stop until you don't want any more," said owner Vagner Berr.

And watch can over do it.

"I have a lot of customers who say i'm here for the rodizio i'm going to stay the whole night and then they're full in 20 minutes haha," said Berr, who opened the first Brazeiro with his parents and brothers in West New York.

North Bergen is their second and larger location-- and features a salad bar...the rodizio and a full menu with dishes like moqueqa-- a fish stew.

There are plenty of side dishes including collard greens, beans and bananas milanesa, a traditional dish of southern Brazil. Ripe bananas cut up and dipped in milk, whole wheat flour, egg and then bread crumbs-- and then the bananas are deep fried.

"I have a customer who says don't worry about the french fries and the yuca, just bring the bananas and the meat. and a caiparinha," said Vagner.

Yes, the Brazilian cocktail.

You can cleanse your palate with grilled pineapple and then go in for some more meat, from turkey wrapped in bacon to tenderloin to chicken hearts.

"We come to work-- we come to have fun also. When Saturday's full, we're slicing the meats, having conversations with customers and getting paid for that, can't get better than that," said Vagner.